Laptop Parts and Screens!

    RM Laptop has hundreds of parts laptops in stock. We also carry numerous screens, keyboards, cd's, dvd's, floppy drives, and hard drives. We can usually replace defective parts with high quality new, or remanufactured replacements! We have access to a database of over 1600 laptop and computer dealers, to search out hard to find parts by the part numbers.
If you would like us to try to find any used, or new laptop parts, you must furnish us with the actual manufacturers part number. You may need to call the laptop's manufacturer for this information. Finding laptop displays is even more difficult. Many laptops have the same model number, but may use 3 or 4 different screens. We need to know the actual part number to search for a replacement.
If you do not wish to remove the laptop's display to locate the part numbers on the back, we recommend shipping us the laptop. The normal charge for removing a laptop display and searching for a replacement is $50.00. We are also able to repair many screens, that are defective, but not cracked.