Laptop Motherboard Repair

  RM Laptop does "board level" laptop system board repairs, and defective or broken component replacement. Most laptop system boards are repairable. If a company tells you that you need a new system board in your laptop, (because they do not repair them) we may be able to repair it instead. We charge a flat rate of $50.00 per hour tech time, with a $50.00 minimum.

Also Inverter board repair. Dim Diisplay could be you need a new CCFL. We repair Inverter boards. Inverter boards have a step up transformer with a 5 in and 2 out the latter being High volts low amps the input 5 pins are actually 2 coils 1 with a center tap thus a total of 5 connections.

Yes! we go beyond most repair shops. We replace IC Integrated circuits, cmos, transistors, Semiconductors, zenor diodes, resistors - banks, regulators, chokes & filters, We repair All surface

Mount components, electrolytic capacitors, caps, triacs, thyristors & fuses. ocil.gif (4774 bytes)

Whether its a Micropower Voltage Regulators, like the one found on Compaq's LP2950 8 pin IC,
or just a bad Zenor diode, we want to help make the difference.